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Where in the World?

Bluescreening and Graphic Design.

Creating a graphic design showing yourself in a mystery location

How to bluescreen using Umajin
Graphic design information



  1. To learn to use Umajin software to create bluescreen photos
  2. To take a photo in front of the blue sheet to suit the background
  3. To research the Internet and download a photo of a famous location or landmark
  4. To insert a bluescreened photo of yourself into, onto or next to the landmark

Graphic Design

  • Use Comic Life, Pages or Word to create a graph design containing the text 'Where in the World?'
  • Insert your bluescreen photo
  • Add some clues to your location
  • Check your layout and the position of your text and add your name.



Where in the World is Jack?

Where in the World is Georgia?


Where in the World is Kate?


Where in the World is Xiomara?