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Our TV Advertisements

Learning Intentions:

  • We are learning how to use a compelling combination of SiSoMo (sight, sound and motion) to tell a story in order to sell a product.

  • We are learning how to use Creative Commons to search for non-copyright media

Your mission is to create a TV advertisement (about 30 seconds long) which will entice people to buy your product.

It should contain a strong message or story.

(You have 2 eStudents' workshops to complete this)

The ad should contain a combination of:

  • movie footage and/or still photos (use creative commons to search for non-copyright photos or video footage.)

  • music or an original jingle

  • relevant text and a company name (you could also include a company logo.)

Key steps:

  1. Brainstorm ideas

  2. Storyboard your ideas in a sequence (What will come first? last?)

  3. Write your voice-over narration or your jingle

  4. Film your ad and take photos

  5. Use movie making software to combine all the parts

  6. Add music/jingle or record voice-over.

Products are: iPad, book, smart phone, tissues, bottled water, apples, hand sanitiser (mystery draw)

When finished, upload your ad to Youtube and use an 'other HTML' widget to embed it onto this page.

Our TV Advertisements

Embed your TV ad below. (Remember the cell will grow.)

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