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Our Photo Essays

Each photo essay will show aspects of a key competency (Thinking; Relating to others; Understanding language symbols and texts; Managing self; Participating and contributing)

  1. Brainstorm and storyboard ideas for photos
  2. Use good camera techniques to take a series of 5 sharp, compelling photos
  3. Create a photo essay as a collage using Picasa
  4. Upload our photo essay to Fotobabble and narrate a defining sentence (e.g. 'Managing self is about ...', 'Relating to others is about ...' etc)
  5. Upload to the eStudents wiki more independently

Success criteria:

  • It will contain 5 photos demonstrating a key competency
  • The photos will be sharp and show elements of good photography (people, line, colour and light' angles, thirds rule, framing.)
  • The photos will show a relationship to each other (e.g. tell a story or have a theme.)
  • The essay will include a sentence (narrated) outlining behaviours of the key competency (e.g. 'Managing self is achieving goals.')

Upload your photo essays below

Russell Street School - Jakob

Russell Street School - Grace

North Street School - Georgia and Jack

Halcombe School - Trudi and Izaac