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Our Mini Documentaries

Your mission is to create a mini documentary film about a mystery person drawn randomly from a container.

WALHT (We Are Learning How To)
  • Use eLearning to gain relevant information about a person or thing
  • Use multimedia (sight, sound and motion) to compile a 3 minute movie to share our insights with others

Success Criteria
Your documentary includes:
  • Basic information about the focus person
  • Use of movie making software (Movie Maker, iMovie)
  • Titles and credits
  • Still photos
  • Narration explaining the photos
  • Movie footage - video of yourselves talking/answering questions about their person (and perhaps acting out a short related scenario.)
  • Appropriate music where suitable


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Our Mini Documentaries

Famous New Zealanders

Produced by


Anna Paquin

Trudi & Izaac
Halcombe School

The Kiwi

Millar & Finn
Russell Street School

Dan Carter

Luca Kenyon & Caleb Martin
Riverdale School

Richie McCaw

Grace & Molly
Russell Street School

Willie ApiataVC

Ethan and Jakob
Russell Street School

Buzzy Bee

Stanley Jackson, Xiomara Dietrich
and Kate Evans
Ashhurst School

Irene Van Dyk

Morgan Goodwin
Jack James-Carne
North Street School, Feilding