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Our Animations

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To add your animation to this page:
  1. Join wikispaces and then join this wiki
  2. Save your animation as a .mov and upload to Youtube
  3. Copy the embedding code for your animation from Youtube (use the old code.)
  4. Click 'edit' at the top of this page
  5. Click in an empty cell in the table (they look narrow, but they expand)
  6. Click on the Widget' tab on the toolbar
  7. Click 'Other HTML' on the left
  8. Paste the embedding code into the widget
  9. Write your names and school under the widget
  10. Click save (on the right of the page toolbar)

Animations made using I can Animate

This animation is made by Xiomara, Ashhurst school

This animation is made by Stanley, Ashhurst School

Animations made using Movie Maker

This animation is made by Trudi and Izaac, Halcombe School

Rugby World Cup 2011 by Caleb Martin and Luca Kenyon, Riverdale School.

Animations made using PowerPoint or Keynote

Little Bo Peep Animation

By Izaac Durston and Trudi Hunter

Halcombe School

This Little Piggy Animation

By Luca Kenyon, Caleb Martin

Riverdale School