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Movie Making at Roslyn School

Movie Interpretations of the word 'Work'.

What represents 'work'? It can be work being done , or to be done by some one ... some thing ... some place ... some time

WALHT: Make a movie using Picasa about the word 'Work'.

Key Steps

  • Shoot 6 - 8 clips (Using the best 5 in the movie)

  • Keep the clips short - no longer than 5 seconds. (count slowly to 5 as you film a clip.)

  • Clips should show elements of line, people, colour and light

  • Import your movie files from your camera into Picasa

  • Make your 5 best clips into a movie

  • Add titles and credits

  • Add 'freeplay' music

  • Upload your movie to Youtube (http://www.youtube.com)

  • Embed the html code onto our eStudents wiki (on this page)

Success is .... Completing a 'Work' 5 clip movie with a title and credits (about 30 seconds in length.)

Note: The eStudents all successfully made movies using Picasa. However these could not be uploaded to the wiki. (Believe me we tried everything!) We now know that the Picasa movie function containing movie clips (still photographs are fine) has issues with uploading onto the Internet.

To add a little movement and colour to this page, take a look at this slide show made using Clipgenerator. Make one yourself here