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This page has files, links and videos to help you.

The Photography Plan (elements of good photography)

Uploading a video or movie to Youtube.

1. Join Youtube
2. Click on the yellow 'upload button' (top right)
3. Find your movie in My Pictures/Picasa/Movies and click 'Upload'
4. Completed the information page. Select the Education category.
5. Make the video 'Public'.
6. Watch the video below

Embedding your movie on to the 'Photo Creativity' page on the eStudents' Wiki

1. First join Wikispaces and then join the eStudents wiki.
2. Upload your video to Youtube as above
3. Uncheck 'related videos' (click on the little blue cog under the embedding code)
4. Copy the embedding code for your movie
5. Go to the eStudents Wiki page 'Photo Shoot @ RSS' and click 'edit page'
6. Click on 'Edit this Page' at the top
7. Click in the correct cell next to your school (Collage or Movie)
8. Embed your movie (as below)
9. Save the page