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Animation Info


Two eStudents workshops will focus on 'Animations'. The first will be an introduction to the principles of animating using presentation software and toys.

During the second workshop we will use 'I can Animate' and movie making software (Movie Maker or iMovie.)

Workshop 1

Mission: To create a short animation to retell a nursery rhyme by using small toys (animals, people, vehicles) and presentation software

Nursery Rhymes: http://www.rhymes.org.uk/


Create an short animation to retell a nursery rhyme using:Toys, a digital camera and presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote) and background music.

Your animation should:

  • Be up to 1 minute long

  • Show a well positioned camera and good light

  • Retell a nursery rhyme

  • Show a smooth movement of the graphics (i.e not jerky)

  • Include a title and credits

  • Have background music (Freeplay Music.com)

  • Play using recorded timing

Success Criteria

  1. I researched online and chose a nursery rhyme

  2. I kept the camera in the same position when taking photos.

  3. My photos are in focus and have good lighting

  4. I have used PowerPoint or Keynote

  5. My animation retells a nursery rhyme (See link above)

  6. My animation moves smoothly

  7. I have added title and credits

  8. My animation has background music

  9. My animation plays by itself using recorded timing.

  • Save your PowerPoint as a .mov or convert on www.zamzar.com

  • Save onto Lyn's pendrive